SWIPA Annual Seminar 2022 successfully completed

Broad participation and active contribution from industry and R&D-partners.

The active contribution by 83 representatives from 28 companies and institutions served to successfully complete the first SWIPA Annual Seminar, held March 30-31 at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim.

Both industry partners, R&D partners and authorities contributed with presentations during the seminar. This covered a.o. sessions on Timing of the P&A-operations, Business opportunities, P&A international aspects – operations, regulations and standards, Spin-offs and synergies towards other subsurface applications, Well integrity as key performance asset and Monitoring and verification.

In addition a session exclusive for SWIPA partners was held, covering the SWIPA R&D projects and plans.

Inspired by the good atmosphere and several positive feedbacks such as «The Seminar was indeed a good experience. The presentations showed how we are aligned for a greater good and how we can together meet the goals of the SFI SWIPA initiative», we plan for the next SWIPA Annual Seminar.

This SWIPA event is tentatively scheduled for March 22-23, 2023 in Trondheim. Please make your reservations in your calender!

Watch the videos where Bart Joppe (BakerHughes) and Pål Viggo Hemmingsen (Equinor) summarize their impression of the SWIPA Annual Seminar 2022.

Bart Joppe, Well Abandonment Leader in BakerHughes reflects on the seminar program and the realizing of both lower environmental impact and cost reduction – in discussion with Harald Linga, Centre Director SWIPA.
Pål Viggo Hemmingsen, Chairman of the SWIPA Board and Leader D&W Technology Equinor summarizes his impression the SWIPA Seminar and the further expectations for SWIPA – in discussion with Harald Linga, Centre Director SWIPA.