SFI SWIPA is a centre for research-based innovation (SFI) appointed by The Research Council of Norway for 2020-2028. A centre for research-based innovation is a dedicated, long-term initiative designed to strengthen and further develop elite, creative research and innovation groups or to build research groups in strategically important areas.

The SFI-initiative SWIPA aims to obtain a scientific understanding of permanent well barriers and allocate for improved well barrier design methodologies. This will benefit long term well integrity, addressing costs, materials, barrier lengths and operations. A key issue will be to utilise the results for reviewing standards and regulations for P&A of petroleum wells.

The cost reductions target for P&A operations in particular is set to 50 % compared to today`s technology (2020) including impact from revised standards and regulations, new operations and well barrier materials.

Well barrier know-how is a key for successful performance of several energy industries and the results will be applied for reconversion of petroleum wells for CO2 disposal, and well integrity of geothermal wells and disposal of nuclear waste.

The primary objective of SFI SWIPA is to:

The SFI SWIPA is a part of the Centres for Research-based Innovation scheme of the Norwegian Research Council of Norway. The project period is from 2020-2028.

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